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I help clients exit “dis-ease” which is disempowerment to a new destination, “thrive”. On the way we explore what you truly want and then reach balance which is improved health a priceless commodity. Coaching is different from therapy. I have being doing both for over a 30 years in many parts of the world.

If this resonates with you please message me and we can have a conversation as I would really like that because we can explore those questions that need answers and answer a few on the way.

The purpose is to show you what I can do to help you address your most profound “health” questions. Those questions that you have been struggling with. Does that sound useful? Then sign in and book a Free Session.

Having Trouble Finding a Balance?

This is why I am a Health Coach

I was waiting to see the Consultant. He swaggered into the ward, sporting a brushed brown Armani suit. Turning to me he said, “We’ll put you on 6 months chemotherapy treatment”, and briskly moved on. He was halted by a middle-aged woman, who asked ..”what about the side effects of chemotherapy?” Smiling, he answered patronizingly, he patted her on the shoulder, replying,” there, there, let us worry about those details”, and he hastened on.
As a practitioner of Holistic Medicine with 8 years of clinical practice under my belt at the time; I was astounded! As I glanced around that oncology ward, I wondered how many of those patients would still be around in five years’ time. That was in 1999.

In that instant I made a decision to become and remain a cancer survivor without recourse to chemotherapy.

It has taken me 17 years to come out with that story. I am still here. I see myself as a “whole-life healer”. I overcame that challenge and against the odds. I have dedicated my life to health and healing. If I can do it so can you. Therefore I offer my knowledge and many years of experience to you, to solve your problems and keep you steady on your journey. Want to have a chat about this. Let’s schedule a cost free call to do just that.


Having Trouble Finding a Balance?

I invite you to learn more of where I am coming from, take a look at the “Blog Posts”. If you find them helpful, sign up to receive each new article as it comes out. Why Get Coaching With Me?

My voyage has taken in many techniques. There are 400 ways to do the washing up! These include kinesiology, hypnotherapy, Holistic Medicine, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Reiki, Hawaiian Huna, EFT and the Meridian Energy Techniques including TAT and BSFF and I developed my own meridian technique called AMBIT.

Specialaities: I am a Wellness Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner trainer in EFT and TAT someone who has developed therapeutic modalities and an established author and Blogger, working with the amazing Metatron NLS scanner; this is a sure fire way to see what is wrong and using frequencies can put it right. This unique treatment provides a why and not a what regarding Complimentary Health Care. Blessings in good health, a problem is an unanswered question. All these tools help answer those questions. The purpose of coaching is to help you find answers to those questions. Are you ready to start asking questions?

It has taken me 17 years to come out with that story. I a still here. I see myself as a “whole-life healer”. I overcame that challenge Wthe odds. I have dedicated my life to health and healing. If I can heal so problems Wand keep you steady on your journey.

What is a Health and Wellness Consultant?

To set the record straight a "Wellness Consultant" is a coach, trainer or mentor who works with individuals or groups to help them find a road to health and wellness. Health costs are rising dramatically and now an increasing number of people rapidly realize that...