Why Coconut Oil?

Coconut Plams

Indeed, Why Coconut Oil? I grew up in Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was then called. My father managed 3000 acres of tea and rubber in the low country. I grew up with coconuts (cocos Nucifera). Sri Lanka is a significant producer of coconuts on the world stage. The…

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Amazing Hawaiian Body Balancing Exercise

This amazing Hawaiian Body Balancing exercise comes from  Huna. Huna is the shamanic tradition from the Hawaiian islands. It balances the body and the “three selves”. This translates as “Mind, Body and Spirit”. It was taught to me by  Dr. Hew Len. He is the remarkable Hawaiian Therapist who transformed…

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Pummaret Sangtong Learns to Walk Again.

Wedding Ceremony

On Saturday, May 12th 2018 Alister Bredee and Pummaret Sangtong were married in Nakhon Sawan. Nakhon Sawan lies at the heart of the Thai rice-growing region. The province lies three hours drive north from the Thai capital, Bangkok Thailand used to be the largest rice producer in the world but…

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