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Why Write a Book?

A Cat Has Nine Lives is a 9 step guide to Health and Wellness with the

accent on detoxification. I wrote this as I had been working on the paradise island of Koh Samui as a top wellness consultant for a number of years and I thought it would be a good idea to quantify the sort of work I was doing.

A Cat Has Nine Lives is a simple and easy to follow guide to health, wellness and detox in nine stages. In the book, these steps are referred to as “lives”. There is an “Introductory Stage” which is the starting point for everybody; it is entitled “The Basics”. Although,I wrote the book over a six-month period in 2016 it was not published until 2017.

In 2018, it was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Business Excellence Awards. This award made the hours of painstaking hard work seem worthwhile. The book is available from Amazon in the USA, UK and Europe and from major booksellers. A Cat Has Nine Lives is available in a soft cover edition or as a Kindle edition. I felt writing a book like this gave my work as a top wellness consultant credibility and provided the client with a template around which to work.

The Basics

The book starts with an introductory section entitled the “Basics. This is the launch pad for good health. The first step to healthy living is diet and exercise. I quote anti-aging expert Dr. Norman Shealy when he says there are “four essential habits” for longevity and they are “no smoking, body mass index of between 18 and 25, eating five o more servings of fruit and vegetables per day and exercising the minimum of thirty minutes five days per week.” Personally, I feel these guidelines to be a little on the easy side. I would like to say that before embarking on any course under the guidance of a health wellness consultant the client should first of all stop smoking. Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits there is and the initial step would be to break the addiction using whatever techniques that are effective.

Weight loss is an essential step on the road to health and wellness. To quote Dr. Shealy once more. “The instance of overweight and pure and simple obesity has doubled in the last thirty years. People who truly are obese by medical definition are people with a body mass index of 30 or above.” He continues by saying “and that is equal to the risk of smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. It knocks a hunk off your life,” What’s the solution? The answer is simple, good nutritional habits. Eat a predominantly plant based diet, cut out sugar and starchy carbohydrates, reduce the intake of animal fats and you are pretty much on the road to weight loss. Overall, the populace is overweight because people make poor dietary choices and exercise too little. That is a simplification but it is a truism

The 9 Steps to Detoxification.

The program continues with 9 areas upon which to work. Six of them?are obvious and three less so. Illness today is a cumulative process. Very few modern health problems are acute. They take time to develop so they are chronic. Toxins are poisons and they overload the body’s organs of elimination. The burden causes the immune system to break down and eventually fail. A fully functioning immune system keeps us well. The starting place is taking the toxic accumulation off of the organs of elimination so the immune system can get on and do its job.

We start with the kidneys. They have become the repository of heavy metals. Heavy metals play a key role in inflammation. The villain of the piece is something called free radicals. To grasp what these are we have to look at atoms which are made up of neutrons, electrons and protons. Protons are positively charged whilst electrons are negative. They have to be equal so they balance one another.

An Oxygen atom has 8 protons so it must have 8 electrons to provide the balance. Generally speaking, the bonds that hold this structure in place do not break, because electrons are couples they exist in pairs. However, toxins like heavy metals weaken the links. If the bond breaks the electron goes mad and rushes off to find another electron with which to bond. In doesn’t matter what it does in this crazed journey. Like cats on heat, nothing is going to stop the process. The unpaired electron is called a free radical and it smashes through cell walls and create substantial damage which spreads like a bush fire. This is what inflammation is all about. The key to health is to stop inflammation.

Once we start eliminating toxins we start the reduction of inflammation. This is the key. Dr. Kellogg (yes he invented Cornflakes as a health food!) claimed that 90% of civilization’s diseases began in the bowel. A true battlefield of inflammation. That’s the second organ in need of cleansing. Follow on with the liver. This is your chemical purifying factory which can easily clog up with poisons, again providing a thriving ground for more inflammation.

Next, we move to the lymphatics which equates o the body’s sewerage system. Lymph fluid transports toxins away for elimination. It does not have a pump so poisonous matter can lodge in lymph nodes causing stasis and painful swelling.

Our next life involves parasites. Yes, everybody has then but they are often overlooked. The late Dr. Hulda Clark claimed that when it comes to disease there are only two factors to consider, pollutants and parasites. And then the wheel turns full circle and we go back to heavy metals. Each step or life is not there to emphasize the problem but to accent the solution. Each life provides healing actions we can take to rid the body of pollutants, toxins and parasites.

The Other Three Lives.

There are three other “lives’ that are particularly important. Firstly, we examine the under-reported dangers of Electro- Magnetic Radiation, followed b perhaps the most important of all the Emotional Detox and finally we look to the Spiritual Detox. Today we are surrounded by the unseen electromagnetic waves created by cell phones and the whole cyber world of computerization. Cell phone usage has mushroomed out of all proportion over the past twenty years. This has expanded with the invention of Smart Meters and now the planet is threatened with 5G technology which will mean there will be cell phone towers at every street corner beamed to a network of thousands of satellites beaming signals from space. We must first understand the dangers of microwave radiation and then take sensible steps to protect ourselves.

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are the bane of humanity. These stressors also stress and breakdown the immune system. We need self-help tools to protect ourselves and finally, we need to look at something outside of ourselves that creates a connection with a higher power. Call this God or the Universe, it doesn’t matter. A Cat Has Nine Lives explains these problems and provides simple solutions to combat them all


What it boils down To

A Cat Has Nine Lives serves multiple purposes. Firstly it’s a book that you can take away and read and follow all the steps one by one at home. The solutions are easy and the treatments readily available. To keep focused and intent on reaching the end will take a degree of self-discipline which not everybody has.

A better solution would be to work through the “nine lives” with a coach or Wellness Consultant. This can be done on a one on one basis either face to face or by long distance using Skype, What’s App, Line or some other system. Of course, the format lends itself very easily to group work but the best approach by far would be an interactive “Wellness Program” lasting a week or more where the bulk of the steps can be practiced under the expert tutelage of a Topwellness Consultant. Much better to do this outside your everyday environment in an idyllic environment like Koh Samui.

Alister Bredee D.HH D.CN