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Health Care is My Passion.

I have been involved in the health care industry for the past 35 years. I have been a long and fascinating journey. On this journey I have found many techniques and products that have proved to be hugely effective and it is my goal here to share some of these discoveries with you. The two criteria are a) these suggestions are affordable b) they are above everything else effective.



I first qualified as a psychotherapist more than 30 years ago. I was disappointed because I found many of the techniques I had been taught were long-winded and for the most part ineffective. I was sure there must be a better way. So I started a long journey of looking for, learning and implementing new methods that I felt were innovative and efficient.

This journey took me around the world. Where several amazing treatments were waiting to be discovered and so I started to use them in my practice. To my amazement, it seemed that most people knew very little about these life-changing modalities. It is time that more and more people have access to this transformative information and my role is to offer help so that happens!

We reach optimum health through good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle change. As a result, I wrote, “A Cat Has Nine Lives and So Do You.”.

A Cat Has Nine Lives

The key to wellness and detox

I want people to be able to find products and services that I recommend in the book easily. That’s how I want to help. I had to find most of this out for myself so anything that saves others all that effort is a benefit for those who wish to make healthy changes.


Is to show people that good health can be simply achieved. It need not be expensive but for most it requires change. In my opinion, all illness is a “wake-up” call. We need to make some changes in our life. Many people are reluctant to change, they want a pill to make the symptoms go away so they can continue as before. It doesn’t work like that because the suppressed symptoms are likely to reappear elsewhere in a worse form than before.

That’s why we have so much sickness in our world today. The goal of this site is to help people see this simple truth and provide assistance in whatever way so the changes that lead to health and happiness can happen.

Dr. Alister Bredee