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What does this amazingly long word, “Ho’oponopono” mean?.

It’s from the Hawaiian language, meaning to make it right with the ancestors. The Hawaiians believe we can be influenced by family history for a space of seven generations. This can span 250 years. For many people, such a sweeping statement becomes almost incredulous. Let’s make it simpler and possibly more credible.

Ho’oponopono provides a means of setting right the past by means of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona revived an ancient Hawaiian practice that had a long tradition. It was used to heal family and community disputes. Morrnah Simeona was a practitioner of Huna, the age-old shamanistic practice of the islands.

Tropical Paradise

A Hawaiian Natural Treasure

The Mother of Ho’oponopono

She was deemed a “Kahuna” which meant a keeper of the secrets. The Hawaiians did not write down their secrets, they preserved them in other ways such as dance (Hula) and song (chants). You could be a Kahuna of navigation, preserving the secrets of how simple outrigger canoes could traverse the vast Pacific in remarkably quick time. You could be a Kahuna in cloth making, an expert in design using simple taro dye or you could be a Kahuna of healing and know the tricks of “Lomi Lomi” massage, and there was much more. Morrnah Simeona had the title “Nalamuka’.

Her secret was health and healing. It is no surprise she updated the ancient practice of “Ho’oponopono, making it acceptable to a twentieth-century audience.

Practicing this powerful technique balances what are known as the “three selves”.

1) Uhane. The Parent or conscious mind

2) Unihipilli. The Child or the Unconscious Mind

3) Aumukua. The Higher Self or Superconscious Mind.

It’s startling to see that these remote Pacific Islanders came up with these terms 2000 years before Freud shocked the world with his theory of the “Unconscious Mind”? about 100 years ago,

Builds Vit D.


Another surprising discovery was how Huna had embraced the most important maxim of the “Emerald Tablet” the purported writings of Hermes Trismegistus from faraway Egypt.

“As above, so below”. This is immensely profound and means that anything that happens at any level of reality (physical. emotional or mental) also happens on all the other levels simultaneously.

If a memory stresses us the emotional level it also creates physical stress and mental disturbance. It continues doing this until it’s voided. Changing something in you changes everything around you. It’s both an inside and an outside job.

Another startling axiom is “All Perception is Projection”. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give to it. This is a foundation stone of the more recent “A Course in Miracles” which appeared in the late 1970s.

Morrnah taught her techniques which created inner peace by releasing stress all over the world. She did a major presentation to the United Nations on more than one occasion. She knew if people fully grasped the true significance of Ho’ponopono peace would flourish around the globe. For her valuable work, she was granted the honorary title of “A Living Hawaiian Treasure” in 1983.

United Nations Building in New York

United Nations Building

In an interview she gave to the New York Times she stated: “we are all crushed by the memories of our past”. It is the negative emotions that are triggered by these memories that stress us and then drain our energy.

That is the path of illness and ill health. Do we want it? No of course not. Then make an effort and take some proactive steps to do something about all of this mess.

OK, the foremost precept of Ho’oponopono is we are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us

. In our victim culture that thought does not sit well. There are no half measures here. This is a full 100% responsibility. Even more shocking when we take this to the next step is this responsibility molds our life choices. We create events that occur in our lives. These spring from those pesky memories. Those memories that are playing and re-playing in the cinema of the subconscious. We need to get rid of them. We do this by cleaning them. We clear and clean until the memories deflate and become neutral. They might remain but the emotional charge they originally brought is now dead.

Where are they stored?

They do not inhabit the Conscious Mind (Uhane) but live in the Unconscious (Unihipilli). These two minds do not communicate well. People naively believe it’s the Conscious Mind that is in control and driving the car called life, Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!.: it’s the Unconscious that is sitting in the driving seat. The Conscious is unaware of this.

Don’t look inside to understand the issue, look outside.

If life is all messed up in your outside world then the problem lies in the inside. If you have money issues then the outside evidence of lack is actually being created by an inner belief of scarcity. Your outside world is a projection of your inner world of thought. This is a material projection of your unconscious programming.

If you don’t like the outer world than you must change the inner.

Where does all this programming come from? Mornnah Simeona felt that much of this came from the ancestors.? We talked earlier about her theory of the significance of? 7 generations of ancestral memory. Seven generations span 250 years. That’s a very long time. Those of us who have parents or family members who were alive during the “Great Depression” of the 1930s? could be influenced by this and have scarcity issues concerning money.

Look at the issues as teachers. They have come with valuable lessons for us to learn. They have not come to punish us.

"our Teacher"

Events are our teachers

These issues are positive messengers. Don’t shoot the messenger. Learn the lesson and move on to new-found freedom. Hanging onto the message keeps us stuck. We don’t need to keep repeating it. Usually, the message becomes more painful the longer we ignore it. The purpose is to catch the attention of the subconscious in order to instigate some sort of action that remedies the problem. The more it is ignored the more painful the message becomes.

The trick is to clear the hidden memories whether they be ancestral, belief-driven or traumatic.

The Conscious Mind has very little contact with the Unconscious. It cannot do this work. The voiding has to come from a higher place. That place has many names, God, Love a Higher Power and so on. This is not about religion. This is metaphysical or spiritual. Morrnah came up with a powerful prayer that achieved the desired end. But it was her student Dr. Ihalekhala Hew Len who produced the right formula for the latter quarter of the twentieth century.

Ihalekhala Hew Len was a mainstream psychologist, of Hawaiian origin who completed his training in the Continental US.

Ihalekhala Hew Len

Dr. Hew Len

The paper he co-authored entitled “Ho’oponopono 101” provided an excellent mirror of his mentor’s thoughts and it was this that gave birth to the modern version of ‘Ho’Ho’oponopono; a more user-friendly version of the earlier technique. The radical thinking behind it goes like this: It seems therapists think they heal their clients. This is not the case. When a client presents him or herself to a therapist it is the practitioner who must grasp that he has brought the person into his attractor field for a reason. It’s not the other way around! Thus, the therapist is 100% responsible for the encounter. The client is there because of wrong thinking on the part of the therapist, not the client as usually supposed. For healing to occur the therapist must meet his responsibility 100% head on. It’s his own wrong-thinking that has sparked off the healing encounter. For a successful outcome to happen the healer must clear the wrong-thinking from himself and only then can he do the same thing for the client.

Morrnah Simeona insisted that healing was only possible via repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. The key to the change was “LOVE”. As the therapist’s thoughts are neutralised so are those of the client.

Dr Hew Len called the process “Cleaning” These are the steps:

  • Connect the mind. Or “I-dentity” up to the Source. You could call it God but Love works fine.
  • Next, ask Love or Source to correct the issue. First in the therapist and next in the other person.
  • “I am sorry for this wrong thinking which has created this problem”. Apologise for the error
  • “Please forgive me because I didn’t know what I was doing.” Ask for forgiveness.
  • Then bring “love” into play by saying “I love you.” By spreading love on the negative emotion, it is neutralised
  • The poisoned charge is voided. The emotional sting dissipates and there is now room for something better.
  • I Love you.
  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you

We are 100% responsible for all our issues. We now have a solution. Don’t be complacent, however, we need to keep cleaning continuously on all the issues that spring into life from memory.

This unusual healer was called in to assist as Staff Psychologist at the “Honolulu Hospital for the Criminally Insane.”

Honolulu, Hawaii

The City of Honolulu

He took the position reluctantly. It was an awful place. Prisoners were violent and on lock-down, the staff was demoralised and quick to quit so the turn over was high. To make matters worse even the toilets mysteriously flushed all night without cause. Dr. Hew Len took up the job, came into work each day but refused to see patients. He took the notes of his daily caseload into his office and spent the day cleaning, The sceptical naysayers scoffed, laughing at this new treatment method. Many pushed for his dismissal. But then something odd began to happen. Events began to change for the better, Patients became less stressed, violence decreased, the perpetual lockdown was unnecessary; even the toilets stopped flushing of their own accord! changed

After six months of this strange change, some patients were able to go out into the community to perform simple jobs like car washing. Sporting fixtures were arranged with other institutions and prison life took a definite turn for the better.

After three years of these apparently miraculous changes, the facility closed down. It was no longer necessary. All but three prisoners were released back into the system. All because of an eccentric therapist who never saw his patients, practised Ho’oponopono and simply cleaned on himself removing the shared negativity that held them together.

Dr, Joe Vitale who appeared in Rhonda Byrne’s

super-successful movie “The Secret” was so impressed that he sought out Dr. Hew Len and wrote a book about him called “Zero Limits”.

I was fortunate enough to go to Dubai in 2009 and attend a training with Ihalekhala. This powerful “Body Balancing” video came as a result.

With Dr. Hew Len in Dubai

Dr Hew Len In Dubai.

Amazing Hawaiian Body Balancing Exercise


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