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Today the FDA in the USA tell pregnant women to limit their intake of tuna fish to 6 ozs per week.

That equals 70 Gms, not very much! Why? The warning is in effect because it seems tuna contains mercury, and this can harm the developing fetus. If you feel unsure about heavy metals in your system, you can have a blood test which will show up mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic levels.
Mercury a poisonous heavy metal

Mercury, beautiful but deadly

The accuracy of the test is suspect because the heavy metals accumulate in the organs and not in the blood. Lead toxicity is extremely common. It was used extensively in high-octane gasoline, which happily has now been phased out. Lead, though still appears in some old water piping. One of its effects is to reduce IQ. One could say it dumbs people down! Mercury is definitely another huge problem. Dr. Simon Yu in??Accidental Cures??warns that a combination of lead and mercury create what he calls??synergistic toxic effects?. This means that combined together the presence of both metals increases the overall toxic effect an amazing one hundredfold. What follows are some tips of how to rid the body of heavy metals.

Mercury is considered to be the most toxic substance on earth that is if you exclude the radioactive elements like plutonium. In spite of this dentists still insist that mercury is safe and continue to use amalgams to fill teeth, whilst Thimerosal is found as a preservative in some vaccines.

Thimerosal contains 49.5% mercury; it is certainly included to counteract mold in the Flu vaccine. Who would want this potent??neuro-immune??toxin injected into themselves anyway? It seems you can request a??mercury free? variant, but you have to understand the situation before you can make the appeal.

Vaccines contain Thimerosal

Vaccines contain Thimerosal

?Aluminium is toxic and like mercury constitutes a powerful ?neuro-immune? poison. Everybody is focusing on mercury whilst something many people have failed to mention is aluminum, which is present in a whole slew of vaccines.

?Everybody is focusing on mercury whilst even more harmful aluminum is slipping under the radar

Aluminium Ore

Raw aluminum ore

Apoptosis is when cells die off naturally and are then replaced by new cells. There is a life and death flow here.? Aluminum accrues to toxic levels especially in those cells like the bones, the heart and the brain, where apoptosis is slow. The river has become a stagnant pond. The brain and the associated nervous system are where diseases like Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue and neurological or auto-immune problems manifest. This includes the complete autistic spectrum, including ADD and ADHD as well as full-blown autism. The number of children diagnosed as autistic has grown alarmingly over the years. In the 1970s approximately one child in every 2000 was autistic. Today the Center for Disease Control tells us the number has leaped to 1 in every 150. Could the use of heavy metals in vaccines be the culprit or has awareness increased with the advent of drugs like Ritalin?

Dr. Chris Exley, Ph.D. is an English chemist who has led research into the dangers of aluminum toxicity at the University of Keele in the UK.

Dr, Chris Exley

Professor of Bio inorganic Chemistry at Keele University

He has dedicated two decades of his life into this research. Aluminum is the most common mineral on the planet. Dr. Exley believes it has been the mining and its subsequent usage that has led to the rise in neurological disorders. He has also found a simple solution and that is another mineral, silica. Silica, or ?Silicon Dioxide ? (SIO2). It comprises two of the most common elements on earth, silicon and oxygen. As such it makes up nearly 60% of the earth?s crust. Silica is everywhere and it has multitudinous uses. The most common form is ?quartz?. It is there as the sand on the beach, it is there in the little gel packs you find with your nutritional supplements with a role of absorbing moisture and it is in your body, too where it comes in the form of orthosilicic acid. Its habitat is the bones, tendons aorta, liver and kidneys.

Silica has been refined out of most food products. We don?t get enough of it in the diet. You might find it in a Health Food Store but it comes under the cosmetic end of things as ladies use it to improve complexion.

?Dr. Exley had a small test group of autistic children who improved significantly when given silica and a further study of 15 adults suffering from Alzheimer?s disease were given a liter of ?Spritzer Water? (a Malaysian brand high in silica) for 13 weeks. Aluminum levels were lower by between 50-70% in all the test subjects. Deterioration in 8 of the 15 ceased altogether and 3 showed significant cognitive improvement.

Mineral waters high in ionic silicic acid will reduce aluminum toxicity because they can penetrate the blood brain barrier. Both Fiji and Volvic Water have high ionic silica levels.


Treatment using Volvic/Fiji Water to Lower Blood/Brain Aluminum Levels:

Drink one 1.5 liter bottle of either Fiji or Volvic water daily for 5 days. Drink the entire bottle within an hour. Continue drinking Volvic/Fiji water on a regular basis. The aluminum will be excreted through the urine. Along with the water take 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily.

Silica improves collagen elasticity.

That?s why you will find it in the skin section of a??Health Food Store?.?It ensures flexibility in all the body?s connective tissues including the tendons and the cartilage. This reduces aches and pains and keeps you supple and your skin young and moist. But here?s another thing. High levels of blood serum silica stop arterial plaque from clogging blood vessels. There has been a lot of huffing and puffing about how LDL cholesterol has been a major agent in the causation of sclerosis, but a more recent take has been focused on how serum calcium is the main culprit for arterial calcification.

Without sufficient Silica, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and K2,? Calcium will break off from the bones and lodge in the blood.

Healthy blood pH is approximately 7.4. If it drops much lower than this it becomes over acid. Calcium has an alkalizing effect and raises the pH to a higher and safer level. If the acidic environment persists it will remain in the blood where it can calcify in the soft tissue of the inner arteries and in the heart itself.

Be sure then to take sufficient silica in your diet.

Remember, it?s a missing ingredient in most foods. Drinking water high in ?ionic silicic acid?; we have already mentioned Volvic and Fiji Water, is imperative. There are others so check labels.??Other non-water sources include the herb??horsetail?, ?cucumbers? and??diatomaceous earth powder??(Fulvic Acid).

Horsetail the plant

Horsetail contains silica

The latter lack the ionic suspension of silicic acid found in the waters, as this can penetrate the blood/brain barrier. That means the water is better.

Toxic metals have been associated with new and emerging chronic illnesses, some of these we have already seen. Sadly we live on a poisoned planet. Environmental disregard has never been at such a high level. Industry has spewed over 6000 active synthetic compounds into the atmosphere, whilst industrial farming methods have added to the ever-increasing problem.

In the USA in 1999, the Environmental Protection Agency found 20 out of the 29 fertilizers available in 12 States contained deadly metals that exceeded the designated limits.? In 2001 the??Environmental News Service??reported that food grown with fertilizers containing more than the legal limit of heavy metals? was???the single greatest source of pollution exposure.??

Heavy Metal Detox

Certainly, EDTA, DMPS and DMSA mobilize and eliminate heavy metals quickly, but too quickly is not good; it stresses the body?s??detox??pathways. The??Cat Has Nine Lives And So Do You?, heavy metal detox is a much gentler approach.

A Cat Has Nine Lives

The key to wellness and detox

You have already seen that simply drinking mineral water containing ionic silicic acid is an easy and powerful first step.

Activated Liquid Zeolite.?The liquid form is more effective than the powdered variety.

Zeolites are minerals that have a specific crystalline superstructure. They occur naturally in volcanic rock formations. Their honeycomb shaped cavities trap metals and toxins at a cellular level. The mineral is negatively charged, but most metals are positively charged. The negative charge pulls the positively charged metals to it, like a magnet. These particles are then trapped in the honeycomb structure. As the zeolite molecules grow heavier, the body cannot support the ensuing negative-positive energy charge occurring in the zeolite crevices. Such interaction causes ?chaos??which has no place in the system. Then the metal heavy zeolite molecule is expelled naturally via the urine. Zeolite is relatively slow acting, but reports from users are very positive. Conclusive results have been verified by hair analysis. If you feel that heavy metals are a particular problem, this is a recommended solution. Be patient as the metals are first released from fat tissue, then from the muscles and lastly from the bones. The latter hold onto heavy metals like uranium.

Start with 1 Drop in a glass of water. Go easily because at the outset you are likely to experience a detox reaction.

Week 2: 2 drops in water

Week 3: 3 drops in water

Week 4: 5 drops in water

Week 6: 7 drops in water

Week 8: 9 drops in water

Week 9: 10 drops in water

Week 11: 12 drops in water

Week 13: 15 drops in water

Week 14: 15 drops in water X2 a day

Week 15: 15 drops in water X3 a day. Maintain this dose until week 26.

**Warning: Minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper are all metals. They will be removed during the??detox?. To compensate for this be sure to take a good quality chelated multi-mineral supplement over the 26 weeks.

Please be sure to contact me via or leave a comment below if you have queries or questions.. If you would like a no-cost Wellness Consultation on all of this via Skype or What’s App drop me an e-mail and we can organise a suitable time. Thanks for dropping by and I’ll see you next week with another post.

Dr. Alister