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The Body?s Many Cries for Water:

Let’s take a moment to have a look at drinking water. It is a vital subject that is close to everybody’s heart. At least it should be as life itself depends on good, fresh drinking water. Water is the best medicine.



The Body's Many Cries for Water

The cover of Dr. Batman’s Book


We can survive for a long time without food but die within a couple of days without water. Most people do not drink enough water. Health Care Professionals have suggested for a long while that everybody drink at last eight glasses per day. The glasses don’t have to be huge. It would be nice if the quantity tallied with a current advisory formula that urges everybody to drink 35 ml of water per kilo of body weight. That means if you weigh 60 Kilos you need to drink approximately two litres of water daily. Your action needs to be consistent, though. There is a mobile phone app which “bleeps” every hour to remind you the time has come to drink some more water. This is invaluable for those who tend to forget.


The topic for today is good quality drinking water. It is vitally important and more often than not forgotten.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

The majority of the population in the west is severely dehydrated and people don’t know it!. Health Care Professionals exhort their clients/patients to drink more water. This is not tea, coffee or orange juice. It’s simple water. They suggest that everybody drink eight glasses per day. They don’t have to be huge glasses, but consistency is the key. Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was an Iranian Doctor who completed his medical studies at St. Mary?s Hospital in London. He returned to Iran after his training and eventually became the Shah’s personal

Ruler of Iran

physician. The people had grown tired of their ruler’s authoritarian ways and rose up against him in what came to be known as the Iranian Revolution (1977-79).

After Reza Pahlavi went into exile in January 1979, Shapour Bakhtiar became regent Prime-Minister. He invited Ayatollah Khomeini to return to Iran from his exile in Paris and the rest is history.


The Iranian Revolution deposed the Shah

The Revolutionaries quickly found ways to exact revenge on those who had served the late Shah. Dr. Batmanghelidj was an obvious target. He was arrested and imprisoned in Tehran?s notorious Evin prison.Evin Prison in Tehran

They branded him an enemy of the State. He was placed under sentence of death. He remained a prisoner for three years and continued his work as a physician. Yet, there was one huge snag. The new regime had little sympathy for those they labelled as traitors who had served the previous Government. They saw no reason to help the so-called traitors. They refused to give Dr Batmanghelidj medicines to assist his fellow prisoners. Thus he used the single resource available to him, water! Water became his medicine and with this simple, low-cost solution he produced astounding results.

Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote a sensational book about his experiences. As he served as the “Water Doctor” in the formidable Evin Prison. He called his book?Your Body?s Many Cries for Water?.

In it, he tells about his discoveries during the 3 years he worked in the prison using water as his only medicine. He found thirst is not the only way the body cries out for water. He came to realise a dry mouth is an advanced stage of water lack. He saw that there were a lot of illnesses that struck because of dehydration. Such conditions as asthma, angina, indigestion obesity and many more came into being because of a simple lack of water. He was surprised by the number of emotional issues that he stumbled upon. He found that the pathology that he normally treated with pharmaceuticals cleared up when his fellow prisoner drank enough water. There was no need for pills.


No need for Medicines

Drinking too little water affected the brain. This caused what he called “social stresses” to show up. By this, he meant fear, anxiety, insecurity along with long-standing emotional problems like depression. These were the results of dehydration. There was no need for other treatments. The patient’s regimen was to drink more water. The symptoms occurred because brain tissue had begun to dry out. The lesson comes over loud and clear. Before you rush out of the door to seek treatment, pause and drink a large glass of water. If the symptoms disappear you have solved the problem. If you have a headache don’t reach for the Paracetamol, instead, drink some water. The water could well be the cure!

“Dr. Batman” kept a record of his water cures and sent them to the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. This saved his life! After three years, the Authorities decided to release him because of the effective healing work he had done with the prisoners in the Evin Prison. Penn State offered him a job and he walked out of Iran to his new-found freedom in the West.

When we buy water in these modern times more often than not it comes in plastic bottles. The water can have been sitting in the bottles for a very long time. Sometimes this can be a matter of years. The plastic that goes to make them is a by-product from the petrochemical industry. To make the bottles more bendy and flexible the plastic contains phthalates. Di-octyl Phthalate mimics the effect of estrogen.

Millions of Plastic Bottles

Millions of plastic bottles

Estrogen is predominantly a female hormone. Hormone imbalance is becoming very common worldwide. Many women find themselves estrogen dominant. The ladies find themselves putting on more weight, cellulite accumulates around the thighs and periods become painful and hard. Men are not exempt either. Sperm levels have dropped dramatically over the last half-century and there have even been cases of male breast cancer. Let’s not forget that cases of female breast cancer have also soared.

Another worrying factor is the acidification of water
. It should be a neutral divide between acid and alkaline substances with a pH of 7. It is the cut off between acid and alkaline. Shocking to say water is becoming acid. A simple rule of thumb tells us that disease thrives in an acid environment and dies in a more alkaline state. It seems when blood and other body fluids lean towards a more alkaline level illness finds it difficult to occur. Besides, the pH of blood exists in an extremely narrow window. The marker lies between 7.36 and 7.45. The average is in the range of 7.41. When blood’s pH drops down towards the lower end of this scale, acidosis occurs. When it sways to the upper-end alkalosis happens. If the blood becomes too acid, it is a life-threatening situation. Yes, it is extremely dangerous. The body tries to correct the imbalance. Blood that is too acid needs to be corrected quickly. The body is very intelligent. To avert danger it draws alkalysing calcium from the bones. The danger halts, but the leaching of calcium weakens bones. This situation gives rise to a condition that we call osteoporosis. So you grasp how important it is to keep pH ranges in perfect balance.

Dr Batmanledj’s experiences will have convinced you to drink more water. To set the record straight he died of cancer in the United States in 2004 aged 73. He would agree It is vital to drink good quality water with a pH of more than 7

pH of 7

Water is neutral

Acid or Alkaline?

Juice is alkaline in the body

There is a little trick you can perform to ensure your drinking water remains alkaline. Take a slice of fresh lime or lemon and add it to the glass of water. Now, I agree that lime and lemon both test as an acid in the body. The juice can be as low as? pH 3.5. This is very acidic. When it comes to testing foods it’s not the juice that needs to be tested. It’s the ash it produces after digestion is complete. In this case the ash produced by the lime/lemon becomes highly alkaline. Usually with a pH in the range of 8. From now on be sure to include a slice of lime or lemon to your water to maintain at least a neutral pH of 7 if not higher.

In conclusion, we all agree that dehydration is a problem that can lie behind several health issues. Bottled water causes many challenges. Putting the health aspects to one side we are shocked to see that the bottles are flooding the oceans, killing wildlife and much more. At this time it is impossible to recycle the massive mountain of plastic bottles that are spewing onto the planet at a rate that some say equals a million bottles per minute. This must stop! The solution is a good quality water filter that can be adjusted to the pH to suit your particular needs. Take a look here to see what I mean. We are all choking our lovely planet to death. Isn’t it time we took collective action to change this situation?

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