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Probiotics are a lot more than simply eating yogurt. Well, live yogurt is a probiotic but the key word is “live”.

That means it is without sugar. Sugar will kill the tiny micro-organisms that go to make it live.

Sugar kills micro-organisms

Sugar kills Probiotics

These particles or probiotics, if you prefer, are comprised of bacteria. Did you know the gut contains approximately 2 Kilos of bacteria? Some of this is good and some of it is bad. For potent digestive health to spring into life we need the beneficial bacteria to outweigh the detrimental. Simply stated the good guys must outnumber the bad. It is important to remember that first class digestive health is the key to overall nutritional health. And tip-top nutritional health is the key to good general health. Probiotic supplements will help you reach this goal.

?Most of this bacteria inhabits the large intestine; 60% of stool is bacteria. These tiny micro-nutrients are living creatures and they are invaluable.

Bacteria, friend or foe?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria

The 80/20 good bad ratio does not always hold true. Stress, poor diet, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and much more can upset the delicate balance. The good bacteria ferments unused ?energy resources?; For fermentation to happen we need some form of sugar. Obviously, glucose takes pride of place. Yet there are many glucose substitutes which include fructose and maltose Some fatty acids are also thrown into the pot. These put pressure on the immune system as they result from the end products of metabolism.

?Gut Flora? serves as a policeman. Its job is to prevent the?growth of harmful species. This is the job of the immune system.

Gut Flora is part of the immune system. Where does “Gut Flora” live? Yes, 60% of the immune system lives in the colon and small intestine, the home of “Gut Flora”. This also regulates the production of ?biotin? (B7), B12 and ?vitamin K?, which makes it a busy vitamin factory.. Above all, it works with those chemicals known as hormones. These aid in fat storage. You can see how “Gut ecology” is a vital force in overall human health. This healthful bacteria is easily destroyed as we have already mentioned by many substances including antibiotics. But also by healthy practices like; colonics and enemas! Gut cleansing sends toxins on their way but it kills friendly bacteria, too. If we are interested in keeping healthy it is imperative we work to preserve the health of the large and small intestine.

The colon

80% of colon bacteria should be friendly

How do we do that?

What is Dysbacterosis: or Dysbiosis? Quickly stated this is the condition where the ratio to good versus bad bacteria is imbalanced. The symptoms that this brings up include indigestion, gas, flatulence, slow digestion, bloating, lower belly pains, constipation and sometimes diarrhea. If you are suffering from any of these conditions you could start taking a good quality probiotic pill which could quickly reverse the symptoms. Be sure to buy a quality supplement containing billions of micro-organisms. Initially, the dose is two capsules daily. Take them on an empty stomach, one probiotic first thing in the morning and the second last thing at night before bed. If this does not settle the problem in a day or two be sure to seek additional help from a health care professional.

Stomach acid kills healthy bacteria; take the supplement when acid levels are at their lowest, and that is always away from food.

The above instruction runs contrary to the directions you will more than likely read on the side of the bottle. Enteric coated varieties are available; many experts will insist the enteric coating protects the tiny living creatures from the high acid content of the stomach. “The American Nutrition Association?; tels us that most of the common probiotic organisms found in the ?Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium? and ?Streptococcus?
species, like ?L. Acidophilus? and ?L .Bifidus? do not require enteric coating.,They are tough enough to, withstand the highly acidic, harsh stomach environment. Now, if you take these probiotics on an empty stomach the acid levels will be lower. After eating, acid levels increase in order to digest the food. This insures the micro-organisms arrive at their proper destination located in the small and large intestines largely intact. ?Lactobacillus Bulgaricus?,
however, and ?Streptococcus Thermophilus?, will need an enteric protective coating, because this strain of bacteria is more fragile.



Where do you get this tiny subculture which seems so vital for health and digestion? Yes, we have already spoken about “Probiotics” which we can buy from Health Food Stores and other sources like Amazon or I-Herb.

Otherwise, the first place to look is within the realms of fermented foods. In times, past people ate more fermented food because this was an ideal means of preserving perishables before the days of refrigeration. Another healthy benefit from those past times came via drinking water.

The Body's Many Cries for Water

The cover of Dr. Batman’s Book

This was before the days of piped municipal supplies. Water came from wells where the bacterial overgrowth provided a plentiful supply of humic acid, another good source of probiotics. Today, many of these older natural links are frowned upon. They have been replaced by supposed new and better ways of doing things. Now, we have to go out of our way to sustain ourselves with these living organisms otherwise known as probiotics. We need to eat fermented foods, but they are no longer as readily available as they were in the past. For those who are not dairy intolerant yogurt provides an ideal answer, or does it?


?If I Eat Bio-Yoghurt, do I still need to take Probiotics??

Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is probably ?yes?. It seems it is illegal to sell raw milk products. This means most dairy products are pastuerised. This is a heat processing treatment designed to kill bacteria. The law was put in place when Tuberculosis was widespread. That is no longer the case. It also means the process kills both the good and bad bacterial strains in milk. That means It does not matter if they are good or bad. Be very careful of the sugar laden commercial products like ?Yakult?. These supposedly healthy yoghurts contain more sugar than ?Coca-Cola?.Many yogurt brands claim they are plentifully stocked with probiotics, but they are not! Most commercial varieties found in supermarkets are chock-full of added sugar. Of course, sugar is essential in the fermentation process. Yeasts form and consume the sugars, but how can this be happening in a pre-packed yogurt that is refrigerated throughout the sales process? It beats me!

Bravo Yoghurt

Bravo Yoghurt. A powerful immune system booster

Bravo Yoghurt is made in Switzerland and comes in packs which you prepare yourself. It helps vital ?vitamin D? assimilate and function correctly; beware though it is very expensive. It’s expensive because it contains GcMaf. Maf stands for macrophage activating factor. Macrophages are killer immune cells. Diseased cells like cancer or a virus make an enzyme called “nagalase”. People with serious illness have high “nagalase levels”. GcMaf lowers them and helps create a fully functioning immune system which is the best way of combatting any illness.

Bacteria are living matter and they die off because of the toxicity of the sugar. Today, sugar is growing more expensive, so food producers turn to artificial sweeteners to offset costs. The worst of these is controversial aspartame, which hides behind well-known brand names like NutraSweet. US alternative medicine researcher and publicist Dr. Joe Mercola claims it to be “the most dangerous food additive on the market”. He bases his claims on several studies that have been conducted over the years. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon brands the sweetener an excitotoxin and further claims, “Excitotoxins have been found to dramatically promote cancer growth and metastasis”. One aspartame researcher noticed that, when cancer cells were exposed to aspartame, they became more mobile.

All compelling reasons to avoid commercially produced yogurts that say they are a terrific source of probiotics.

There are plenty of healthful foods available, containing lots of bacteria, which act very well as probiotics.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Another way to introduce probiotics

Be sure to include one or more of these foods in your daily nutritional program. The fermented foods include Kimchi from Korea, Apple Cider Vinegar (use ?Mother Tincture?), Sauerkraut, Kefir, cultured coconut milk, Kambucha, fermented vegetables, Kvass and at a pinch fermented Soya products like Miso and Natto (depends where they come from). Most Soya from the United States is genetically modified and you want to steer clear of those!

You can easily ferment vegetables and make your own probiotics.

Rejuvelac Cabbage Juice: Cabbage is an excellent vegetable to work with as its leaves are bacteria rich so it ferments easily.

Finely chop up a head of cabbage.

Place it in a litre of spring water (Evian is excellent)

Put the water in a large glass jar

Add the cabbage along with a clove of garlic.

Firmly close the jar

Leave to sit in an open space for three days

After three days, taste the mixture. If it is fizzy, it has fermented.

Place in the fridge to stop the fermentation and drink 30 ml twice daily.

?Probiotics need food ,too. Their food of choice is “prebiotics”.These susbtance contain fibres that the tiny bacteria thrive on. If the environment is right the “probiotics”? are also breeding or multiplying. As far as we are concerned the “prebiotic” fibres are indigestible but the more you have of them the happier your ?gut flora ?will be.

Chicory Flower

You need the root for fibre!

How do you find them? Easy?..onions, garlic, raw wheat bran and bananas are the most common. The best prebiotic is raw ?chicory root?. It tastes similar to coffee. During World War 11, when it was difficult to ship coffee supplies to Europe they made a substitute from chicory called ?Camp Coffee?. We all need fibre; most don?t get enough! You won?t get any in ?Camp Coffee?, but you will from ?chicory root?.


It seems clear we all need to safeguard gut health by taking a probiotic capsule.

Good quality Probiotics are available from Amazon and I-Herb.

On top of the capsules which you take night and morning, it is also a good idea to add fermented foods to your diet.

  • These include: Miso
  • Natto
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kefir
  • Live Yoghurt
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Kvass
  • Tempeh
  • Rejuvelac (you can make your own)

In short, Take a Probiotic Supplement and add at least one food item from the above list to your diet daily.

Blessings for good health

Alister Bredee is the author of “A Cat Has Nine Lives And So Do You”.

A Cat Has Nine Lives

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