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Thailand Medical Tourism?

OK the first question we need to ask is what is medical tourism? In a nutshell, it is when people travel to other countries to undergo medical treatment. The reason for this bold step is price. It is cheaper to have a surgical procedure completed in somewhere like Thailand than in Australia or the United States. Because medical costs are for the most part lower.

Amazing Thailand

Besides, it’s much nicer to recuperate post the operation in beautiful tropical surroundings. The magical island of Phuket is a case in point. This softens the daunting prospect of surgery. It makes it enticing. Now it becomes a delightful foreign holiday in an exotic location.

Grainne Farrell hails from Northern Ireland. She is the CEO of Lotus Medical International.

CEO of Lotus Medical International

The company’s headquarters are in Phuket, Thailand. More than 5 million visitors flock to this luscious tropical destination each year.

Thai Sunset

Phuket is an island but it is attached to the mainland by a couple of large road bridges. It is 48 kilometres long and 21 kilometres wide at its widest. It’s easy to get to. There are road links to Bangkok and the rest of the country. The island boasts one of the largest airports in Thailand. There are scheduled international flights to Europe and Australia. As well as frequent services to Bangkok and Singapore. That means it’s easy to reach. Accessibility is always a bonus!

Grainne explains that her company settled in Thailand because the Kingdom boasts many fine hospitals.

There are a host of competent doctors many of whom have been trained in the United States and Europe. She began her business in Koh Samui but soon found better facilities in Phuket.

Beachside Hotel in Phuket

These medical professionals are well able to carry out complex medical procedures. There are plastic surgeons capable of breast enhancement, “tummy tucks” and rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a” nose job’. They do this work in up-to-the-minute private hospitals which are as comfortable as first-class hotels. All is available at a fraction of the cost charged by hospitals in the USA, Europe and Australia.

“If you pay peanuts you get monkeys” chortles the cynic
. Grainne would agree with that sentiment.?Her Company, Lotus Medical International is there to smoothe out all the creases. Lotus has eleven years of experience in bringing clients to Thailand. They know the hospitals and they know the surgeons. They only recommend the most competent medical professionals and the best hospitals. Why? That’s a “no brainer”. It’s their job. If they messed this up they would be out of business.

This is not some medical marketing operation geared to fleece the foreign tourist
. Grainne has had the courage of her convictions and put herself under the knife. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to advising clients. She broke her nose whilst growing up and was teased about it by her younger brother. When the opportunity presented itself she decided to do something about her “hooked nose”. Now she was the CEO of a medical tourism company her choices and solution were as?easy to see as the nose on her face!.?

Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is the largest medical facility in south-east Asia.

Biggest hospital in SE Asia

It is the only hospital in Thailand with an International Management team. Many of the Doctors working there are Board Certified in the US and in Europe. Cosmetic Surgery is a very personal journey. Patients plump for it often for emotional reasons. They believe the alterations that come about because of the surgeon’s knife will enhance their self-esteem and boost their confidence. You don’t want mistakes as they will show. This will negate the reason for the surgery in the first place. When Grainne chose surgery she wanted her nose to look better and not worse. She chose a tip-top hospital and along with this she chose a first-rate medical team. She decided on Dr. Montien, a Thai trained plastic surgeon. He served a one-year Fellowship with the University of Hawaii. His specialty was reconstructive surgery. This meant he was US Board Certified. Such certification indicates a physician has reached the highest national standards in the USA. Her surgeon had the experience and training to do the job of straightening her nose. This would make her look better, increase her self-esteem and boost her confidence. You can’t ask for better than that.

Surgery is a scary process for most people.

That’s why companies like Lotus Medical International are a godsend. They hold your hand and guide you through the traumatic process from start to finish. The patient is supported and befriended. This is important because it is easy to feel friendless in a foreign country. This makes the support element hugely important. Although a little more expensive than the “do it yourself” approach it is something that makes the experience much, much easier. When Grainne had her operation she was not alone. She went along with a friend, this gave her company and much-needed support. A “nose job” is not a five-minute operation. Grainne was in the operating theatre for several hours. As she had assisted many of her own clients through similar operations she knew what to expect. It was not a totally new experience for her and that made the experience easier.

The surgery takes it out of the body and everybody needs a period of recuperation after coming out of” theatre”. The anesthetic is toxic so you can expect to feel listless and de-energised for several days afterwards. The surgery causes bruising and general discomfort. Grainne says she did not feel any real pain after her “rhinoplasty” but she did feel discomfort.

There is a real advantage in coming to a luxurious holiday destination like Phuket; you can spend some quality time post surgery. This begins in the hospital. These luxury hospitals provide sofa beds in the rooms so you can have a friend go with you during the process

Just like a 5 star Hotel

. This is really helpful. But the fun starts afterwards. When you leave the hospital you have some time to spend in a luxury hotel enjoying a memorable holiday. You are close to the hospital so it is easy to attend checkups and doctors’ visits until the surgeon decides it is OK for you to go home. How long you spend doing this will depend on the particular surgery. At first, you might have bandages and scarring and just want to keep out of sight, But that passes, like everything.

In the attached video Grainne Farrell interviews Dr. Sanguan who is one of Thailand’s top plastic surgeons.

Thailand’s top plastic surgeon ?Click to watch the Video

He introduces himself and talks about his work. Press on the link and it will connect you to the Lotus Medical International Website. Tell them you came from In return, they will give you a $100.00 discount when you decide to sample some medical tourism yourself.?