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To set the record straight a “Wellness Consultant” is a coach, trainer or mentor who works with individuals or groups to help them find a road to health and wellness. Health costs are rising dramatically and now an increasing number of people rapidly realize that prevention is better than cure. It is for example much better to enjoy an active and vibrant lifestyle well into the golden years rather than sitting withering away waiting for death to knock on the door!

Yes, there is a ton of material out there on the internet to tell you that diet and exercise are the keys to continued wellness. But you can more effectively work with a top Wellness Consultant who can draw up a program especially for you that addresses your individual health needs. Many people have “fitness coaches” or “personal trainers” why not a wellness trainer as well?

Good Health is priceless.

Keeping well requires effort but reversing illness once it takes hold in the body is a much more difficult task. The pharmaceutical industry now nets over 3 trillion dollars a year treating ill-health. The cost of falling ill is steadily rising worldwide. Would you prefer to be a statistic in a doctor’s office or would you rather enjoy life and all the delights it has to bring?

In China there was once the tradition of the “Barefoot Doctor”; it was the barefoot doctor’s job to keep you well and you only paid him while you were disease free, once you fell sick you stopped all payments for the duration of the illness! Call it preventative medicine if you like.

The “Wellness Consultant’s” task is to keep you feeling fit and healthy. He does that by giving advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle. These are the three pillars of good health. It was the father of modern medicine “Hippocrates” who said: “Let Food be Your Medicine”.

Let Food be your Medicine (Hippocrates)

Yes, that’s it! Food is crucial to good health, but it has to be the right kind of food. Agriculture has become big business. Farmers like everybody else are interested in making profits. They always look to find more productive farming methods which increase yields. In gentler age fields were allowed to rest and grow fallow. Nowadays the earth is required to be productive. Artificial fertilisers like NPK are poured onto the ground. The land has no time to rest and recuperate.

The vitamins and minerals that are taken from the soil and transferred to us via the plants in the photosynthesis process are becoming depleted and so the nutritional quality of the food we are eating is declining. Already male sperm counts have dropped by more than 50% in the past 60 years. This is due to the nutritional depletion of foods caused by intensive farming methods.

They are also spraying onto the plants powerful pesticides often containing glyphosate which is highly poisonous. A top “Wellness Consultant” will educate you about these problems and show you how to solve the issue of where to buy good quality produce.

Exercise is key to good Health

Another key issue is exercise. The human body needs to be active and rarely thrives when inactive. Office jobs are sedentary. For the most part, people sit around all day. That is not healthy. Everybody needs to get up and move around at least once an hour.

But that’s not all. We all need to exercise in

such a way that we put stress on the body and we show this by getting out of breath. We all need to do this regularly. Find an exercise that you can practice at least five times per week for a minimum of 35 minutes. It doesn’t matter what it is but it needs to be something you enjoy so you are consistent. Walking is fine, but it needs to be brisk and if it involves walking up a hill that gets you out of breath so much the better. Your “Wellness Consultant” will help advise you what is best for you and will ensure you are sticking to your goals and hopefully motivate you, too.

To sum it all up:

I think everybody is agreed that the key to a long and vibrant life is good health. This is fully achievable. Seniors are coming more active with each passing generation. But to achieve this health status requires a certain amount of good, old-fashioned hard work.

It is essential we stop putting poisons and toxins into our bodies. Recreational drugs are toxic, cigarettes are toxic, alcohol in excess is toxic. This is obvious. To gain health we need to turn our backs on these addictions. Sometimes that is easier said than done. A top “Wellness Consultant” can help here. Maybe he or she has tools that can help the client or has a list of resources to which he can refer the person to help break the habit.

Other less obvious substances are also toxic. Sugar is a poison; many people do not realize this. It has proved to be very effective in killing rats in the past. In humans, I can cause adverse blood sugar reactions like hyper or hypoglycemia. Hyperglycemia leads to type 2 diabetes and creates other symptoms like high blood pressure. Hypoglycemia, on the other hand, stresses the adrenals. This is a major stressor.? We all know that most of the ice-berg lies hidden under the water.

A top quality “Wellness Consultant” works with the client to dig under the surface and find the areas in need of attention. We always spend too much time examining the problems and never enough seeking the solution. Let’s reverse that, shall we? In essence, the job of the Consultant is to advise on diet, exercise and life-style choices. They devise a program that works and which is designed to bring the client to become as healthy as possible and to maintain that level of health.

Some people like to have their coach in the background once they have established an effective program and others like to continue to work with him or her to insure they stick consistently to their goals, The choice is yours.

Alister Bredee March 2019